Sports Management Solutions

The features to manage your sports club and competitions

User Management
User profiles
All admin, coach, parent and player information in one one central database from which to track and manage user information, payments, and team app access rights.
Team Management
Team calendar, news, and chat
Create teams and grant access to coaches, parents and players to a team app from which they can stay up-to-date on all important information and simplify team communication.
Field Management
Field time-slot availability
Create field profiles, define the available time-slots on each field, and keep a clear overview, as you schedule competitions, trainings, and events, to maximize field usability.
Competition Scheduling
Automatic scheduling algorithm
Manage every aspect of your leagues and tournaments, generate schedules automatically, and make changes on the go. The most flexible software that allows you to host competitions of type.
Team Calendar
Event details, player availability, and results
All the important event information in one place to keep coaches, parents, and players up-to-date on last minute changes, player availability, and match results.
Team Chat
Group instant messaging
Switch between chats to coordinate last-minute team needs, discuss improvement points individually, or connect with fans to communicate live match results.
Team Roster
Coach, player, and parent profiles
Manage player details, update statistics, and send e-mails from any device to easily access and communicate information when you need it the most.
Team News & Media
Stories, photos, videos, and pdfs
Write match summaries, share photo and video moments, or send event pdfs, all stored in the app for easy access at some point down the line.
Push Notifications
Change alerts
Give fans, coaches, and players the option to turn on automatic notifications to make sure they stay in the loop on important schedule changes or team conversations.
Website Builder
Content management system
Build your own website. Your content spread throughout any number of pages, fully responsive, and easily maintained to keep your community engaged.
Online registration
User & Team registration forms
Choose between different question types to design your own registration form. Easy to fill in and, once submitted by users, directly stored in your database.
Field booking
Field booking forms
Make the most of your fields by displaying available time-slots on your website and giving people the possibility send in field booking requests.
Online payments
Integrated digital payment system
Integrate a digital payment system that allows you to send invoices, and collect payments to simplify the payment process for your customers.
Competition Information
Competition plug-ins
Fill in match forms to automatically update and display the latest competition standings, match schedule, and match results on your website.

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